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AroomiKim: Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth

AroomiKim is a popular social media influencer and content creator who has gained fame for her posts on Threads, Twitter, and OnlyFans. She is known for her cute and quirky personality, her dance videos, and her viral couch video. Here are some facts about AroomiKim that you may not know.

AroomiKim Early Life and Education

Aroomi Kim was born on July 13, 2000 in Seoul, South Korea. She moved to Los Angeles, California when she was 10 years old with her parents and her younger brother. She attended a private school in LA and graduated in 2018. She speaks English and Korean with ease.

AroomiKim has always been interested in performing arts and entertainment. Started taking dance classes when she was 6 years old and participated in various competitions and shows. She also learned how to play the piano and the guitar. He was a cheerleader in high school and a member of the drama club.

AroomiKim Career and Achievements

AroomiKim started her social media career in 2019 when she created her Threads account. Threads is a platform where users can post short videos and photos with captions and interact with their followers. Aroomi Kim quickly gained popularity for her funny and adorable posts, where she often showed off her dance skills, her fashion sense, and her daily life. She currently has over 62K followers on Threads.

Aroomi Kim also joined Twitter in 2019 and amassed over 45K followers. Uses Twitter to share her thoughts, opinions, jokes, and updates with her fans. She often interacts with her followers and replies to their comments and questions.

In 2020, Aroomi Kim launched her OnlyFans account, where she posts exclusive and uncensored content for her subscribers. OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform where creators can sell their photos, videos, and other content to their fans. Aroomi Kim’s OnlyFans account has over 10K subscribers3 who pay $9.99 per month to access her content.

One of Aroomi Kim’s most famous videos is the viral couch video, where she is seen sitting on a small couch in a revealing outfit and making suggestive gestures. The video was originally posted on OnlyFans but was leaked online by some of her subscribers. The video became a sensation on the internet and sparked many memes, parodies, and reactions. Aroomi Kim reacted to the video on Twitter by saying “lol its a small couch on purpose”4.

Aroomi Kim Personal Life and Relationships

Aroomi Kim is currently single and not dating anyone. She has stated that she is focusing on her career and herself at the moment. She has also said that she is bisexual and open to dating both men and women.

Aroomi Kim is very close to her family and friends. She often visits her parents and brother in LA and spends time with them. She also has a group of friends who support her and have fun with her. She likes to travel, shop, watch movies, play games, and eat sushi.

Aroomi Kim Physical Appearance and Style

Aroomi Kim is a beautiful young woman with a petite figure. Aroomi Kim 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs around 45 kg. He has long black hair that she often dyes in different colors, such as pink, purple, or blue. She has brown eyes and a cute smile.

Aroomi Kim has a unique and trendy style that reflects her personality. She likes to wear colorful and fashionable clothes that accentuate her curves. She also enjoys wearing jewelry, hats, sunglasses, and bags as accessories. She has several tattoos on her body, such as a heart on her chest, a butterfly on her back, and a star on her wrist.

Aroomi Kim Net Worth and Income

Aroomi Kim has an estimated net worth of $500K as of 2023. She earns most of her income from her social media platforms, especially from OnlyFans. Also makes money from sponsorships, endorsements, merchandise sales, and donations from her fans.

Aroomi Kim lives a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle with her earnings. She owns a penthouse apartment in New York City, where she lives alone with her pet cat Mimi. Also owns a car and several gadgets, such as a laptop, a smartphone, a camera, and a drone.


Aroomi Kim is one of the most popular and influential social media stars of today’s generation. She has millions of fans who adore her for her charm, talent, humor, and authenticity. She is an inspiration for many young people who want to pursue their dreams and passions.

Aroomi Kim is not afraid to express herself and be herself in front of the world. She is confident, creative, adventurous, and fun-loving. She enjoys life to the fullest and always tries to make the best out of every situation. She is a star who shines bright like a diamond.

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