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Dania Salsabila – Indonesia’s Rising Star

Dania Salsabila is a young and talented actress, model, and singer from Indonesia. She is known for her roles in movies such as Mariposa, Clandestine, and Perfect Strangers. He also starred in web series such as Nania Lain Dunia and Why?. She has a mixed heritage of Arab, Indonesian, and Dutch. Was born on January 4, 2001 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Early Life and Education

Dania Salsabila attended SMP Al-azhar 2 and SMA Sumbangsih for her primary and secondary education. She is currently studying at Universitas Atma Jaya Jakarta. She has a passion for reading and her favorite novels are Hujan by Tere Liye and Pulang by Laila S Chudori. He also loves cats and has several of them as pets.

Career and Achievements

Dania Salsabila started her acting career in 2017 by appearing in a TV movie called Gebetan ke-16. She then landed her first big screen role in 2019 in the movie SIN: Saat Kekasihmu adalah Kakakmu Sendiri, where she played Stephanie, the best friend of the female lead Metta, played by Mawar Eva de John. She gained more attention for her role as Renata, the campus beauty and the love interest of the male lead Rama, played by Rizky Nazar, in the movie Surat dari Kematian, which was adapted from a popular Wattpad novel of the same name.


In 2020, she starred as Amanda, the love interest of the male lead Rian, played by Abun Sungkar, in the movie Mariposa, which was based on a best-selling novel by Luluk HF. She also had a cameo role in the short film Salahkah Aku, and played Yoko, a Japanese girl who falls in love with an Indonesian boy, in the movie Clandestine. She also joined the cast of two TV series, Magic Tumbler Season 3 and Magic Tasbih, where she played Nadine and Candy respectively.

2021, she continued to showcase her versatility and talent by playing different characters in various TV series and movies. She played Liana, a girl who is haunted by a mysterious voice, in the web series Why? and Citra Anggraeni/Aisyah, a girl who is involved in a love triangle, in the TV series Garis Cinta. She also starred as Amanda, the girlfriend of the male lead Glen Anggara, played by Adipati Dolken, in the movie 12 Cerita Glen Anggara, and as Bella, a girl who participates in a game of revealing secrets, in the movie Perfect Strangers.

Dania Salsabilla has also ventured into singing and modeling. She has released several singles, such as “Cinta Tak Sederhana” and “Jatuh Cinta Sama Kamu”. She has also modeled for various brands and magazines, such as LUX Wore, her own clothing line, and Cosmopolitan Indonesia.

Dania Salsabilla has received recognition and praise for her acting skills and charisma. She was nominated for the Best Newcomer Actress award at the 2020 Piala Maya for her role in Mariposa. She has also amassed a large fan base on social media, with over 2.5 million followers on Instagram and over 500 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

Personal Life and Controversies

Dania Salsabilla is currently single and focused on her career. She has been linked to several co-stars in the past, such as Adipati Dolken, Abun Sungkar, and Athalla Naufal, but she has denied any romantic involvement with them1. He has also been involved in some controversies, such as when her photo was posted by Adipati Dolken on his Instagram account, which sparked rumors that they were dating and caused a rift between him and his then-girlfriend Vanessha Prescilla. Adipati Dolken clarified that he was just a hobbyist photographer and Dania Salsabilla was his model, and that they had just met at the premiere of the movie Bumi Manusia and Pertaruhan.

Dania Salsabilla is a rising star in the Indonesian entertainment industry. She has proven her talent and potential in various genres and platforms. She serves as an inspiration for young females who want to follow their passions and aspirations. He is one of the most promising and popular actresses of her generation.

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