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Employer Guide to Use Online Document Verification in the Education Sector

Hiring leaders prioritize criminal history and work experience in background checks.  Education verification is necessary and, in some cases, the deciding factor. For example, MIT hired a woman who faked three degrees, and they found the truth after ten years when she became the Admissions dean. Hence, a proper online document checker is necessary to avoid a blunder. In the same way, another applicant initiated a career in the State Department, only to be informed that her certifications were overblown. 

This guide aims to assist CEOs and hiring managers in avoiding fraud and making informed decisions.

Education Verification Overview

Education document verification is the process of pre-employment record checking. However,  it sounds raw; document verification confirms that the nominee is legitimate and qualified. 

Hiring managers search these essential points, such as primary and minor courses studied, Educational institutes, Honors, GPA, other accomplishments, attendance dates, Degree awards, and recommendation letters from supervisors. 

Verifying documents’ preliminary objective is to confirm that only the ideal nominee is hired for the position. Moreover, another objective is to guarantee the security of other employees and the company. 

For instance, if somebody enters a sensitive field with falsified claims, such as medicine, they can put patients at high risk. Besides, this also leads to ethical and legal complications. In a broader context, employers can disregard Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance if they dodge online document verification.

Document Verification Benefits

A pre-employment background review is a crucial part of the hiring procedure. 

Here are some benefits that employers can enjoy from a successful online document checker:

  • Data Accuracy

An essential yet ignored benefit of online document verification systems is the upsurge in data accuracy of the firm. This quick method ensures that the documents have the same name, employees’ emergency contacts, and accommodation details. The organization can instantly reach out to the relevant authorities in any trouble. Hence increasing the across-the-board operational efficiency of the organization.

  • Competent Employees

Even if the individuals don’t fabricate degrees they never attended, they exaggerate the facts in their favor. Thus, employers must be attentive to detecting inaccuracies in online document verification. This method is a crucial screening that assists employers in filtering out unskilled personnel. 

Firstly, document verification begins with estimating if the application fulfills the minimum requirements for the job. Then, additional certificates and requisite courses are assessed to scout the outstanding candidate. If the final screening stucks at two candidates, the hiring manager will never hire someone who faked their resume.

  • Securing the Company Values

The company must hire the right candidate who matches the firm culture and work accordingly. Moreover, he must have a qualification matching the company’s hiring criteria for the position. If any employee lies about any skill, there are more chances that he will continue this behavior. Therefore, an online document verification solution enables employers to recognize such candidates. 

  • Decide Benefits and Compensation

Job postings have a range of compensation depending upon the individual’s qualifications. However, poor online document checker results in higher payouts. 

  • Compliance with Regulations

Online document verification processes also assist firms in avoiding legal issues. Negligent hiring poses particular liabilities to the organization that negatively impact the company’s reputation. Therefore, the hiring manager’s goal is to hire the best candidate while mitigating any harm to the enterprise.

Applications in Different Industries 

  •  Banking or Financial Sеrvicеs 

Documеnt vеrification is essential to еnsurе thе customеr credibility, such as who thеy claim to be while opеning an account.

  • Hеalthcarе 

Hеalthcarе sеrvicе providеrs usе online documеnt vеrification to vеrify patiеnt identity by confirming that thе right trеatmеnt is given to thе patiеnt. 

  • E- commеrcе 

Onlinе markеtplacе incorporate documеnt vеrification solutions to vеrify thе idеntity of sеllеr or buyеrs, prеvеnting any illicit activitiеs. 

Automated or Conventional Document Verification Service

Sometimes, HR skips essential details of background checks due to laziness. It takes resources and time to cross-verify, check, and authenticate the applicants’ documents. Moreover, the burden will double as the number of applicants rises. 

The best action is to acquire an online document verification service to overcome these issues. These services help firms in three ways:

  • Accuracy: Since a trained system executes the checks, no blunders will occur due to negligence.
  • Legal Compliance: Most document verification solutions are designed to comply with laws, reducing worries.
  • Efficiency: This solution cross-verifies documents much faster than normal humans.

Concluding Thoughts

All firms scramble to boost their operational metrics and efficiency with the fast-paced digital world landscape. If the people they hire do not do the job accurately, it hurts the company’s reputation. Hence, verification of documents must be the center of hiring background checks. 

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