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What We Know About the Video Twitter & Death of Shanquella Robinson

Shanquella Robinson was a successful business woman, a popular social media influencer, and a loving mother of two. She had a bright future ahead of her, until she was brutally killed while on vacation in Mexico. Her death sparked outrage, grief, and controversy, as the details of her final moments and the investigation into her murder remain unclear and disputed. This article will explore the facts and the mysteries surrounding the tragic case of Shanquella Robinson.

Who was Shanquella Robinson?

Shanquella Robinson was born on January 9, 1997, in Charlotte, North Carolina. She graduated from Winston-Salem State University, a historically black college, where she studied business administration. She was the founder of Exquisite Kids and Exquisite Boutique, two successful beauty and fashion businesses that catered to women and children. She was also a talented hairstylist and a social media personality, with over 300,000 followers on Instagram and TikTok. She often posted videos and photos of her glamorous lifestyle, her adorable kids, and her inspirational messages to her fans.

Shanquella Robinson Wideo

A video later surfaced which Shanquella Robinson being attacked in a rental villa prior to her death. The video has been widely circulated on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

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Shanquella Robinson Net worth, Ago, News

Shanquella Robinson’s net worth is estimated to be around $700,000. Shanquella Robinson was born on January 9, 1997. She passed away on October 29, 2022 at the age of 25.

The White House for extradition of the American woman who Mexican authorities believe killed her

Shanquella Robinson Charlotte Nc, Video of Fight

Charlotte, North Carolina, was the home of Shanquella Robinson. The circumstances surrounding her death are still under investigation by the FBI and Mexican authorities. Prosecutors from the federal government have declared will not pursue charges related to her death

Shanquella Robinson Video of Fight a video circulating online shows a fight between a woman and Shanquella Robinson. Video shows the woman attacking Shanquella Robinson before she was killed. The incident has been widely reported in the media.

Shanquella Robinson New Video, Funeral, Update FBI

Update New video shows US tourist Shanquella Robinson with pals before mysterious death at Mexico resort

Was found dead in a luxury resort in San José del Cabo, Mexico, on October 29, 2023. She had traveled there with a group of friends to celebrate a birthday. Her death has sparked a homicide investigation by Mexican authorities and an official inquiry by the FBI.

The last moments of Shanquella Robinson

Update new video has emerged that shows Robinson shortly before her death, as she playfully jokes with her friends in a hotel room. The video, which was reportedly shot by Robinson herself at the Fundadores Beach Club, was posted on The Neighborhood Talk account on Instagram. In the clip, Robinson can be heard saying, “It don’t take that long to get naked. Where y’all at? She walks into a room where the group discusses what bathing outfits to wear.

The video reveals a stark contrast between Robinson’s upbeat mood and the tragic fate that awaited her. Some viewers commented on the cold and hostile energy of her friends in the room, and speculated that they had a problem with her or were involved in her death.

The mysterious circumstances of Shanquella Robinson’s death

Robinson was found dead the next day in her hotel room. At first, her friends claimed that she died from alcohol poisoning, but an autopsy revealed that she suffered severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation, an instability of the first two neck vertebrae. These injuries are consistent with strangulation or blunt force trauma to the head or neck.

A horrifying video also went viral on social media, showing Robinson being beaten by a woman in a hotel room, while another woman records the assault. The video was allegedly taken by one of Robinson’s friends, who later deleted it from her phone. The identity of the woman who attacked Robinson is unknown, but some reports suggest that she is an American tourist who was staying at the same resort.

The ongoing investigation for Shanquella Robinson justice

The State Attorney General’s Office of Baja California Sur announced that they have initiated a femicide investigation for Robinson’s death, a hate crime in which women are killed due to their gender. They are also trying to get the American woman suspected in the attack extradited to face charges in Mexico.

The FBI has also launched an official investigation for Robinson’s case, and has asked anyone with related photos or videos to contact them6. Robinson’s family has hired an attorney, Sue-Ann Robinson, who held a press conference on Wednesday to demand justice for her client. She said that the family is not satisfied with the Mexican authorities’ handling of the case, and that they want the FBI to take over the investigation.

Robinson’s father, Bernard Robinson, told TMZ that he believes his daughter was set up by her friends, and that she was not a fighter. He said that he has been crying and trying to figure out what happened to his daughter. He also said that he wants to see the woman who killed his daughter behind bars.

Shanquella Robinson Case, Friends Photos

The case of Shanquella Robinson is a tragic and mysterious one. Her friends told her family that she lost consciousness because of alcohol poisoning, but her autopsy report later revealed that she died from a broken neck and severe spinal cord injuries.

A video surfaced online showing Robinson being brutally attacked by one of her friends in a bedroom, while another friend recorded the incident.

  • The FBI and Mexican authorities have launched separate investigations into her death and issued arrest warrants for at least one of the suspects.
  • The identities of the friends who were on the trip with Robinson have been exposed by social media users and some media outlets. They are:
  • Daejhanae Jackson: She is the friend who allegedly assaulted Robinson in the video. She is also the one who organized the trip to celebrate her birthday. She has been accused of being jealous of Robinson and having a motive to harm her.
  • Wenter Donovan: He is the friend who allegedly recorded the video of the attack. He has been accused of being an accomplice to Jackson and failing to intervene or help Robinson.
  • Khalil Cooke: He is Robinson’s best friend of five years. He was the one who called Robinson’s mother and told her that her daughter died from alcohol poisoning. He also brought Robinson’s luggage back to her family. He has been accused of lying and covering up for Jackson and Donovan.
  • Nazeer Wiggins: He is the only friend who has spoken out after the incident. He claims that he arrived in Cabo a day after everyone else and did not witness the attack. He has expressed his condolences to Robinson’s family and denied any involvement in her death.
  • Jada Jones: She is another friend who was on the trip. She has been accused of being silent and complicit in Robinson’s death.
  • Tyshawn Johnson: He is another friend who was on the trip. He has also not made any public statements about the incident. He has been accused of being silent and complicit in Robinson’s death.

These are some photos of Robinson and her friends that have been circulating online:

Shanquella Robinson [Daejhanae Jackson] [Wenter Donovan] [Khalil Cooke] [Nazeer Wiggins] [Jada Jones] [Tyshawn Johnson]

Shanquella Robinson Gender

  • Shanquella Robinson gender identity is a topic of speculation and controversy. According to online sources, her mother always referred to her as a daughter and she was born female.
  • However, some people have claimed that she was transgender or had a gender identity different from her biological.
  • There is no clear evidence to support or refute these claims, and the truth may only be known by her close friends and family.
  • They have hired civil rights attorney Ben Crump to represent them and demand diplomatic intervention from the US government.
  • Also launched a petition on Change.org to urge the US Department of Justice to take action.

Shanquella Robinson Story

Her death sparked controversy and outrage, as a video surfaced online showing her being brutally beaten by another woman in a hotel room. Her family and their attorneys have been seeking justice for her, but they have faced many challenges and obstacles.

According to the latest news reports, federal prosecutors in the United States have decided not to pursue charges in Shanquella Robinson’s death, citing insufficient evidence to support a federal prosecution.

  • They said they based their decision on the results of the autopsy and the investigation by the FBI.
  • They also said they are prepared to review any new information or evidence that is later presented.
  • However, the family of Shanquella Robinson is not satisfied with this outcome, and they are planning to continue their fight for justice.
  • Said they are very disappointed in the decision, and they accused the U.S. authorities of not considering this case to be a high priority.
  • They also said there is a discrepancy between the autopsy conducted by Mexican authorities and the one conducted by U.S. officials, which could have affected the evidence.
  • The family’s attorneys, Ben Crump and Sue-Ann Robinson (no relation to Shanquella Robinson), said they will seek diplomatic intervention from the White House and the State Department to ensure that the suspect in Shanquella Robinson’s death is extradited to Mexico to face charges there.
  • They said Mexican authorities have already issued arrest warrants and requested extradition, but legal experts say it is unusual for the U.S. to extradite its own citizens.
  • The family also plans to hold a march to the State Department headquarters in Washington, DC, on May 19, the 200th day since Shanquella Robinson’s passing, according to their attorney.
  • Hope to raise awareness and pressure the U.S. government to take action in this case. They said they want Shanquella Robinson to receive the same dignity and respect as any other citizen in the United States.
  • Shanquella Robinson’s death has raised questions and concerns about the safety and rights of Black Americans traveling abroad, especially in countries where they may face discrimination or violence.
  • Family and supporters have also called for more accountability and transparency from the U.S. authorities and the travel industry in handling such cases. Said they want Shanquella Robinson’s story to be a catalyst for change and justice for all victims of violence.

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